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Intro to Questions (I)

Question Words (note : question word + phrase + လဲ)
ဘယ်သူ (beh-dhu) Who, Whose
ဘာ (ba) What
ဘယ် (beh) Which
ဘယ်ဟာ (beh-ha) Which one
ဘယ်မှာ (beh-hma) Where (at)
ဘယ်က (beh-gá) Where (from)
ဘယ်ကို (beh-go) Where (to)
ဘယ်တော့ (beh-dáw) When (future)
ဘယ်တုန်းက (beh-dòun-gá) When (past)
ဘယ်နှစ်နာရီ (beh-hnă-na-yi) At what hour
ဘယ်အချိန် (beh-ăc’ein) At what time
ဘယ် (beh) How
ဘယ်လို (beh-lo) How, in what way
ဘာဖြစ်လို့ … (ba-p’yiq-lo … ) Why
ဘာကြောင့် (ba-jaún) Why, for what reason
ဘာလုပ်(ဖို့) (ba-louq-(p’ó)) Why, to do what, what for
ဘယ်လောက် (beh-lauq) How much
ဘယ်နှစ် + counterword (beh-hnă) How many
ဘယ်လောက်ကြာကြာ (beh-lauq ca-ja) For how long (time duration)
ဘယ်—ကြာလဲ (beh — ca-lèh) How long (time duration)
အသက် ဘယ်လောက် ရှိပြီလဲ။ (ătheq beh-lauq shí-bi-lèh) How old are you?
ဘယ်အရွယ် ရှိပြီလဲ။ (beh-ăyweh shí-bi-lèh) How old are you? (for kids)

-- လား (-là) for yes or no question
Question word (ဘာ/ဘယ်/etc) -- လဲ (-lèh) for information question
-- နော် (-naw) -- isn't it?


Audio by Grace de Jong:

No Burmese English Translation Note
1 ဒါဘယ်သူလဲ။ Who is she?
2 ဒါဘယ်သူ့စာအုပ်လဲ။ Whose book is this?
3 ဘာမှာချင်လဲ။ What do (you) want to order?
4 ဘယ်ဟာဝယ်ချင်လဲ။ Which one do (you) want to buy?
5 ရှင်ဘယ်မှာနေလဲ။ Where do you live?
6 ရှင်ဘယ်ကလာလဲ ။ ရှင်ဘယ်နိုင်ငံကလာလဲ Where do you come from? Which country do you come from?
7 ရှင် Bangkokကို ဘယ်တော့သွားမလဲ။ When are you going to Bangkok?
8 ရှင် Jakartaကို ဘယ်တုန်းကရောက်လဲ။ When did you arrive in Jakarta?
9 ရှင် TV ဘာဖြစ်လို့ဖွင့်တာလဲ။ Why did you turn on the TV?
10 ဒါဘယ်လောက်လဲ။ How much is it? (price)
11 ရှင်ဘယ်နှစ်လုံးသောက်ပြီးပြီလဲ။ How many bottles did you drink?
12 Person 1 says: ရှင် Singapore မှာဘယ်လောက်ကကြာကြာ(နေ)မလဲ။ How long are you going to stay in Singapore? The context: Person 1 asks Person 2 who is going to Singapore. Now both are still in Yangon.
13 Person 1 says: ရှင် Singapore မှာနေတာကြာဦးမလား။ How long are you going to stay in Singapore? The context: Person 1 unexpectedly meets person 2 in Singapore (Person 2 is not living in Singapore, so it is unexpected for Person 1 to see Person 2 in Singapore). [Credit: Tyler Davis].


Notice that when female speaker speaking, she will use ကျွန်မ to refer to "I" and ရှင် to refer to "you" or as polite tag.
Meanwhile when the speaker is a male, he will use ကျွန်နော် to refer to "I" and ခင်ဗျား to refer to "you" or as polite tag.

Ko Kyaw Htet - Reviewer.
Tyler Davis - Reviewer.
Săya Khant Zin - Reviewer.
John de Jong and his daughter Grace - Reviewer.