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Notes for BAMA Sentences

● Here we use Romanization from John Okell Burmese by Ear (BBE) (click here to download audio & pdf).
● To learn a language is best not to compare it with other languages. However, for my convenience, in this section, I am comparing them to English.
● Please Read Me.
● Before you start with our lessons, reviewing BBE and BBE appendixes are a good idea. BAMA lessons are basic exercise, with the assumption that you understand the basic scripts, tones, romanization, rules, and things that were covered in BBE appendixes.
● Please always mind the voicing and other basic rules.
● Lessons format will vary but will contain some of these:
       • Preface
       • Examples (sentences)
           1) Burmese scripts
           2) John Okell romanization
           3) Literally-translated
           4) English translation
       • Notes
       • More vocabs
       • List of contributors
● Abbreviations:
       • ADJ = adjective
       • ADV = adverb
       • CONJ = conjuction
       • N = noun
       • PRON = pronoun
       • V = verb
       • SG = singular
       • PL = plural
       • BBE = Burmese by Ear by John Okell
       • lit = literally
       • roman = John Okell's romanization
● Dictionary: Judson and Sealang.
● Enjoy your stay and feel free to email feedback to hello@bamalearnburmese.com & drop comments on facebook.