BAMA Learn Burmese: Free Printables

Download our printables for FREE. Special thanks to Saya John Okell, Ko Kyaw Htet, Saya Ma Moe Pwint, contributors, and reviewers for contributing and reviewing (some, or all) printables.
Even so, BAMA takes full responsibility for all errors and omissions.
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1) Consonants in Burmese (green)
2) Consonants in Burmese (white)
3) မြန်မာ့ဆွေမျိုးစပ် Burmese kinship
Note: Thanks to all contributors & reviewers, wiki. . Please find a Burmese kinship file by John Okell (UPDATED 2017 March 25) here. JO also recommends this: burmese_kinship_terms.pdf.
4) Learn to write burmese alphabet exercise book
5) Body parts in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Burmese
6) Names of days in a week in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Burmese
7) Tastes in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Burmese
8) Colors in Burmese
9) Past Future Time in Burmese
10) Interjection in Burmese
11) Similar words in Burmese, "Aren't they the same?"
12) BAMA Learn Burmese Cheatsheet
13) Simple Verbs
14) BAMA Everyday
15) BAMA Children what are you doing today book 1.0 mm

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