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BAMA Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet files here are the summary of John Okell's Burmese by Ear Appendix. Copy them to your phone and review it anytime, anywhere.
Okell's Basic Scripts Cheatsheet

Syllable = head + rhyme.
Head may be: (1) “initial consonant” or (2) an initial consonant with “medial consonant(s).
Rhyme may be:
1) “attached vowel symbol(s)” (with/without tone) or
2) a consonant with ် (= “final consonant”) or
3) “attached vowel symbol(s)” with a “final consonant”. Syllables combined to form words and sentences. ပ + ူ = ပူ.

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BAMA Cheatsheet

Okell's Basic Suffixes Cheatsheet

"A suffix is an element that is attached to the end of a word, like the English -ing in words like learning, thinking, etc. Most of the grammatical information in a Burmese sentence is carried by suffixes. Most suffixes are used with just one part of speech."
-Okell's BBE.

Suffixes can be attached to sentences, phrases, verbs, nouns, and as subordinates one sentence to another.

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