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●  NEW 2017 Sept = Burmese fonts Guide by John Okell Sept 2017.

●  Find more resources here Learning Burmese/Myanmar courses and resources: A selection compiled by John Okell updated to November 2017. (you can find the same file in

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●  Burmese by ear, or Essential Myanmar, by John Okell. 1993. FREE pdf and audio!
●  Burmese: An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Books 1 and 2, by John Okell. 1994
●  Colloquial Burmese, the complete course for beginners, by San San Hnin Tun. 2014
●  Burmese for Beginners, by Gene Mesher. Paiboon Publishing, Berkeley and Bangkok. 2006

●  Seasite Burmese
●  Asiapearltravels
●  Burmese Script Animations - How to write letters
●  Easy Burmese

●  Judson Dictionary. 1921
●  Burmese/ Myanmar: a dictionary of grammatical forms, by John Okell and Anna J. Allott, Curzon Press. 2001. Abe Books. Second revised edition (2017) available in Pansodan Gallery, Yangon AND online Createspace
●  Burmese & English Compact Dictionary, compiled by Nance Cunningham & Aung Soe Min by Paiboon Publishing. 30,000 words. 2009. Abe Books

●  SEAlang Library Burmese

●  BAMA Do it yourself flashcard Android App
●  BAMA Cheatsheet Android App
●  Learn Myanmar Phrase book iOS App
●  Simply Learn Burmese - Myanmar Travel Phrasebook Apps

●  Burmese Myanmar Language Learning Facebook Group by John Okell and team
●  Burmese fonts Guide by John Okell Sept 2017
● Learning Burmese
● how to adjust keyboard and 'font' setting on your mac
● how to adjust keyboard and 'font' setting on Windows
● Flashcard

●  Book: PMP Practice Makes Perfect အဋ္ဌမတန်း English Grammar & Exercises (2000)
●  မြန်မာဖတ်စာများ (PDF)
●  မြန်မာဖတ်စာများ (audio)
●  Reading Out Burmese stories (audio)
●  Reading Out Burmese Lonely Planet (audio)

●  Numerous Burmese audio, video, reading