About BAMA

Welcome to BAMA Class. BAMA is my diary. I learn Burmese from scratch, hopefully, it can help total beginners to grasp the basic COLLOQUIAL Burmese: the alphabet (script), pronunciation & common phrase.

Before you start, peek on the Cheatsheet for script summary. BAMA Class will start with tone, pronunciation, romanization & basic rules. Go over the lessons slowly and always review past lessons before start a new lesson. Take your time to get familiar with the script, write it numerous times on paper to imprint it on your memory while pronouncing it.

Here we use romanization from John Okell.

Materials here are prepared by BAMA team and volunteers. Most of us don't have language study background, but we try our best to: getting you familiar with Burmese language, building vocabs, and being able to produce friendly-casual-conversation with locals.

We always welcome volunteers who want to give out or refer us to some translated short/long stories or articles and audio, website, mobile app, etc -- for our learning materials. Check our Burmese Learning Resources.

Enjoy your stay here and feel free to email feedback to hello@bamalearnburmese.com & visit BAMA Facebook.


Kind Regards,

BAMA Learn Burmese Team